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  Results Driven Captivating Web Design & Online Marketing.  

From large corporations to start
up companies, we empower
businesses to succeed online. 
  Ranking expertise is only one part of what makes Squid Productions stand out. We also pride ourselves on our ability to deliver outstanding service which you will rave about.   Captivating, Engaging HD Productions. World Class experience to transform your
ideas into powerful, pursuasive presentations on screen.

Doing anything but 'business as usual'...


We definitely don't do 'business as usual'. Why? Because we love creativity, awesomeness and being extraordinary, in life and business and helping you do the same. Our creative brilliance comes from constantly asking the question, What If?

We’re an awesome community and mentor for business owners who roll their eyes at everyone’s ‘newsletter’ and want to learn fresh, imaginative and standout ways to hijack the business sea of heroic sameness (located 180º north of tedious boredom.)

We’re the hotspot for anyone striking out on their own, growing a business or venture, and looking for fresh, interesting ways to make anybody care. The word “newsletter” is officially banned, and we throw banana peels at terrible internet marketing fads like “download my eBook.” Because honestly, nobody really wants your free goodies... Contact our awesome team and jump down this glorious marketing rabbit hole of success and riches.

It’s those ‘stupid’ enough to believe they can, that do…We add creativity and value to your business ideas, turning them into action, so they work! From the foundations of your business, business mastery, extraordinary marketing, social media, communications to the psychology of your target market and passion in every day of your business, we work with you, part of your business to create success.

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